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Cozy Candles

Bamboo Wood Wick Candle - 11oz

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Crisp, clean scent with a modern twist – this bamboo candle has a light floral scent and is a glorious addition to your bubble bath routine because of the antioxidants in bamboo oil. Reminiscent of clean linen hanging on the clothesline and fresh-cut flowers, this subtle floral candle has notes of citrus and fresh greens that bring the scent of the garden indoors. The contemporary aroma is refreshingly light while still filling the room with a scent that lasts.


  • A wooden wick for crackling sounds to create the most inviting atmosphere
  • Vegan soy coconut wax that leaves out harmful irritants and synthetics
  • Burns for up to 90 hours of relaxation time
  • A beautifully packaged jar you can repurpose later
Have an at-home spa day with this gentle fragrance that will complement your face mask and foot soak – or light it in your home office to relax you during the most stressful hours of your day. It’s a natural air deodorizer and a versatile scent that can find its home anywhere!

Shipping & Returns

All of our candles are wrapped in bubble wrap, then put into a made to fit box to ensure no movement during shipping.


Cozy Candles are presented in a 11 ounce straight sided jar that will burn for over 90 hours. The straight sided candle measures 3.5 inches tall without the lid on with a 3.125 inch wide diameter at the top of the candle jar.

Care Instructions

Cozy candles should be burned in a room that is well ventilated but protected from drafts. Do not burn the candles for more than four hours at a time. Extinguish them after four hours, allow them to cool for two hours and then trim the wick again before you relight them.

Customer Reviews

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Shannon Petrovich

When i ordered this scent i was curious what it would smell like and it's impossible to describe but i LOVe it! It just freshens up our home with a light and airy aroma, and the crackling wick is just like sitting by a fire.

Shannon Petrovich
Awesome scents and love the crackling wood wick!

I do love candles but finding a candle with a really wonderful aroma is a challenge, and then having the wonderful crackle of the wooden wick is a super nice touch! I’m a huge fan and have two of their scents and will try the others too!

Shaniece Scott

Scent Is Really Strong A Bit Overwhelming But I Still Enjoyed It. Even After Blowing Out The Candle The Fragrance Lasts For The Rest Of The Day. Quick Shipping No Hassle! No Issues With Unpacking As Well. Definitely Recommend!

Soothing Sound + Amazing Scent

Add a little extra ambiance to your candle with the soothing white noise of our crackling wooden wicks. They're made with natural wood to give you the cleanest burn.

  • Free Shipping

    Spend over $50 and get free S&H on your order! All of our candles are wrapped in bubble wrap, then put into a made to fit box to ensure no movement during shipping.

  • Worry Free Guarantee

    We get it! You're about to buy something that you can't smell until you have it in hand. Even though we're sure you'll absolutely love these candles, if for any reason you're unhappy, we'll replace, exchange or return your purchase!

  • Features

    - Hand-poured in the U.S.A.

    - Burning time: 90+ hours

    - Composition: Made with vegan soy coconut wax

    - Wick: Crackling Wooden Wick